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The Surgeon Began To Cry And Then Said, “Someone Was Moving My Hands…”

“…Whatever It Was, It Was Absolutely Wonderful,” He Continued

At The Lotus Times we certainly believe in things that are difficult to understand or explain.   Is this an example of God or perhaps an Angel working through us?   While we can’t be sure, we are inspired by this story and hope that you like it to.

Thanks for sharing!

by Katherine Keher

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation” (Hebrews 1:14)

Wayne and Doreen’s three-year-old son Cameron had cancer and was admitted to the hospital for treatments. The hospital was an hour drive from their home and every evening Doreen would drive to the hospital to be with Cameron until the treatment was over. Watching him suffer broke her heart. Most evenings, after she said good-bye, she would cry because of what was happening to her little boy.

One pitch-dark night, while driving home in the pouring rain, she was crying so hard she could hardly see the road. Suddenly, she felt a presence beside her and she began to feel peaceful. It seemed like she was resting in the arms of the Lord. It was an angel in the passenger seat. He took hold of the steering wheel and drove the car all the way to her home. She said the angel had the kindest face.

Again, years later, when her son was 23 years old, he had to have reconstructive surgery to repair the damage the cancer had done to his face. Some of the bones had ceased to grow after the cancer he had as a child. The surgery they were trying had never been done before on bone weakened by radiation. The surgeon didn’t know if the bone would bond again after the procedure or what the outcome would be.

After the surgery, the doctor, who was not a Christian, came to the lobby and sat in a chair and just looked at Wayne and Doreen. Wayne asked,

“Is Cameron alright?”

The surgeon began to cry and then he said,

“Someone was moving my hands.”

Doreen realized it was an angel and told him so. The surgeon answered,

“Whatever it was, it was absolutely wonderful.”

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