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She Drank Carrot Juice Every Day For 8 Months: You Won’t Believe What Happened

This is truly a powerful turnaround…

Children’s Author Ann Cameron writes about her experience of treating stage 4 lung cancer with massive amounts of carrot juice. This is so encouraging. We absolutely love reading and sharing stories like this because it shows the power of juicing. One other point of note: would you be surprised to know that the inventor of juicing, Dr. Norman Walker, was giving people large amounts of carrot juice for healing all the way back in the 1920s!! We hope you enjoy this inspiring story. Thanks for stopping by and…

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…The oncologist said I had Stage 4 colon cancer metastasized to the lungs. Later I learned that the colon cancer surgeon believed the cancer in the lungs was unrelated to the colon cancer, an independent development. His reasoning was that colon cancer, even metastasized, grows very slowly, and the two lung tumors were growing fast.

The oncologist also said radiation wouldn’t help me. She recommended chemotherapy to retard my demise, but said chemotherapy wouldn’t cure the cancer. I asked the surgeon about my life expectancy. He told me that without chemo I probably had only two to three years to live–and not much more with chemo.

I was very distraught. I read everything I could find on the internet Carrot Juiceabout alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation. I already had a list of twenty or so recommended substances that didn’t work, that my husband had tried for six months before dying of lung cancer in 2005.

I hit upon a letter on the internet by a California man maned Ralph Cole, saying that drinking the juice of five pounds of carrots daily had eliminated small squamous cell cancers on his neck, and that a few others had told him the juice had helped with a variety of cancers. Ralph was very detailed in describing his own experience, and wasn’t selling anything or engaging in self-aggrandizement. On November 17, I started drinking the juice in the quantity Ralph recommended.

I Juiced 5 lbs of carrots per day

On November 27, a PET scan confirmed the findings of the CT scan: the presence of “spots,” swollen lymph nodules, and two small tumors in enlarged lymph nodes between the lungs, each about an inch long by 1/4 inch diameter. According to the radiologist ‘s report, these tumors were “avid for sugar” and “rapidly growing.”

Drinking carrot juice, unlike some supplements that oncologists prohibit during conventional treatment, is perfectly compatible with simultaneous radiation or chemo; but I didn’t want the recommended chemo because I had researched and dreaded its side effects.

So I had no chemo, no radiation, no other treatments, and no dietary changes beyond the carrot consumption, and continuing eating meat and ice cream and indulging in other dietary vices (I don’t recommend ice cream for cancer, but only want to emphasize that drinking carrot juice was the only change I made in my life, besides gratefully accepting prayers and “good energy” from friends and asking for wisdom and help from Whoever is up there in the Beyond.

I believe from personal experience that carrots can cure cancer–and rapidly, without chemotherapy, radiation, or other dietary changes. I think carrots are worth a try for nearly everyone diagnosed with cancer, because the results show up very fast.

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