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New Age Vows That May Save Your Relationship

How Would Our Relationships Improve If We Took At Least Some Of These On Board?

Being in a committed relationship is certainly not always easy, but studies suggest that it’s worth.  In the long run couples who stay together (for the right reasons) report a greater level of happiness and success in their individual lives.   We think these simple vows that came to us in an article about wedding vows would serve all of us in a relationship well.

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  1. I vow to complain only when not complaining would drive me crazy.
  2. I vow never to make you guess how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking.
  3. I vow to use my words and speak my mind and to do so without insulting you or making you feel uncomfortable.
  4. I vow to never, ever break your trust, but also to lie to you if it means making you smile.Happycouple
  5. I vow always to do my share of the chores.
  6. I vow always to treat you like you’re the most amazing person in the world.
  7. I vow to make you fall in love with me all over again, every chance I get.
  8. I vow to surrender myself to you and always keep you guessing.
  9. I vow to be an incredible parent and role model for our children.
  10. I vow to make compromises.
  11. I vow to fight your battles with you as a team.
  12. I vow always to listen to you and hear what you say.
  13. I vow never to stop pursuing my passions and never to allow you to stop pursuing yours.
  14. I vow to dedicate my life to you and to be there for you until your last breath — or my own.

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