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How to Stay Calm in Frustrating Situations

We really like Perry’s tips for how to handle yourself when frustrated.  Especially interesting is number 2.  It’s the opposite of what most of us actually do.  Hope you enjoy this article and

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By Perry Manzano.

1. Curse if you have to….The moment you instinctively curse, take that as your audible cue to immediately inhale deeply. Visualize negative energy purging from your body as you exhale.  Repeat a few more times to generate a feeling of calm and control….It’s advisable to curse when alone—not at others or around those who might be offended (such as parents with children)….
2. Do not walk away to cool off.   Instead of walking away to cool off, do the opposite and face the stress head-on by training your brain to “visualize calm” at the moment the stress occurs.  I found that walking away is like a pause button. It only delays the inevitable but doesn’t fix the root of the problem….stressless
3. Fight stress with more stress.  Creatively think of another stressful situation that’s ten times bigger than the one you have now, then juxtapose them to realize that your initial stress isn’t such a big deal anymore.

4. Learn to love your enemy in under sixty seconds.Instead of becoming irate toward the person you feel has wronged you, visualize a loving family member, a caring friend, or anyone close to you in their place instead.

5. Apply the asteroid scenario test.    Simply put, if an asteroid hit Earth and life as we know it was about to end, you’d have a choice: Would you really spend your final days stressing and worrying about something you have absolutely no control over?
Or would you be happy with your loved ones with whatever time you have left?….

6. Accept criticism gracefully.By accepting criticism without malice, you are neutralizing any tension and strengthening your poise under pressure. You can think of it as psychological judo by redirecting someone else’s verbal attacks away from you….

You have the power to make a choice. Never, ever give that power away.

Don’t waste your precious energy on things that accomplish absolutely nothing.

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