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How To Be Spiritual And Stand Up For Yourself (Article)

Spirituality Is About Acting From Love (For Yourself, Too!)

How often are people conditioned to think that being spiritual means that they are always in peace and everything is wonderful all the time?  It seems like many people pick this up from various practices and it can produce “spiritual whimps.”   We really like the tips in this brief article by Livnam Kaur about how to make sure you stand your ground lovingly in relation to other people.

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by Livnam Kaur

Recognize the truth.   Recognizing your spirituality is about acting from love. Do not make the mistake of thinking that to stand up for yourself is unloving. The most loving thing you can ever do is be in your truth. Only the truth can express love and direct right action.  It is not loving to ignore your truth and allow someone to get away with hurtful behavior. If you ignore the truth, not only are you taking away your opportunity to make a different choice, but the other person’s opportunity as well. meditation-2


Be okay with letting go  What if you listened to your intuition and acted from your truth? What if you acknowledged the hurtful, poor behavior of others? Actually voiced it? Confronted it? Would you lose people? I’m going to be honest with you and tell you that you may lose people when you become powerful. But letting them go could be the best thing that happens for you. Be willing let go of anyone or anything that isn’t loving for you.


Love Yourself Enough To Make Waves  Being spiritual sometimes means shaking things up and creating waves. Those very waves are the “love and light.” A spiritual life isn’t one without decision. It is a life of decision. It is a life of truth. And it is a life navigated by intuition.

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