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3 Steps To Connect With Your Higher Self

The Higher Self Knows Who We Really Are And Peace Comes From That

Sometimes the simplest things are the most challenging.   Connecting with our higher self is certainly simple and does provide many benefits, but it’s also a challenge.   We found this excellent short article here and wanted to share it with you because it gives some really practical tips on how to connect on your own and in your own time.   We hope you enjoy this.

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by Livnam Kaur

..thee Higher Self, the part of us that knows we are spirit that holds the key to self-love. The Higher Self is our soul, our spirit, our true nature. The Higher Self doesn’t judge us for our ego wants and desires. In fact, the Higher Self can use our ego wants and desires by shifting the searching of those things to the searching of the spirit. It does this by reminding us that we are more than our bodies and minds. It allows us to live a full and prosperous life on earth while acknowledging that our bounty showing forth on earth does not come from earth. It comes from the divine flow of spirit working through earth. That flow comes from God. The way we experience that flow is through our Higher Self.    Happiness, true happiness of spirit, is the domain of the Higher Self and higher selfconnecting to it is as natural as breathing.  Here are a few things to help:

Get still.  Learn to meditate without judging your experience….Meditation showers the mind just like water showers the body. So let your mind run and when you find yourself stuck on any one thought, just acknowledge it and let it go…

Know that to give in love is to receive.  Once you get still, you begin to experience God within. God within blooms in your heart and you experience Divine Love. You cannot help but give that love as you experience it for that is its nature….

Find one thing every day in your physical life that you are grateful for.   …take note of a flower, a great book, a smile, your favorite TV show, a good meal, anything that brings a spark of gratitude, for it will help you build a bridge to higher awareness. Do not discount “small” things. Say a prayer of gratitude and feel your heart open.  

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