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10 Surprising Secrets No One Told You Yet About Meditation

We Love Meditation And The Many Benefits It Brings But…

…sometimes starting out can seem overwhelming.   Here are some tips that we really like that will help you begin your meditation practice.   These are not always obvious so it’s best to take a moment and read through them to find out how they can help you.   We wish you great success on your path of meditation!

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1. Your Mind Will Quiet Itself
As opposed to actively trying to quiet your mind, when you meditate, your mind will quiet itself — all on its own. Whether you are following your breath or chanting a mantra, you’ll eventually start to just be present, to “just be.”

2. It Doesn’t Have to Take More than a Few Minutes
There are no hard rules that your meditation session has to take 30 minutes. Who says you can’t be present and meditate when you have a few spare moments to yourself?

3. It’s as Simple as Observing Your Breathing
While meditation can seem mysterious and obscure to someone who has never tried it before, it actually couldn’t be more simple. child-meditationIn Zen meditation, you simply observe your own breathing.

4. Noticing How You React When Your Mind Wanders
For most beginners, when you start meditating you’ll notice that your mind wanders. Before you know it, you’ve been thinking about what to eat for dinner for the last few moments without even realizing it. If you get frustrated when this happens or if you beat yourself up, you’ll create more distress.

5. Anyone Can Meditate
Contrary to popular belief, there are no age restrictions on meditation. Whether you’re 90 years old, or your 5-year-old daughter wants to give it a whirl, go for it!

6. You Can Meditate In Any Position
When you picture someone meditating, you usually imagine them in the lotus position, sitting cross-legged on the floor. But you can actually meditate in any position.

7. You Can Be Present Anywhere, Anytime
While I’m not suggesting that you try to meditate in the middle of a rock concert or while your 2-year-old is throwing a tantrum, you can be present anywhere, anytime.

8. Observe The Feeling Within Your Body
As Eckhart Tolle writes extensively about, being present is natural and actually easy when you bring your attention to what it feels like inside of your body.

9. You’ve Always Known How to Be Present, You Just Had to Re-Learn
Have you ever noticed the look in a baby’s eyes when they’re looking into your eyes? There’s no worry or regret, no disappointment or judgement.

10. There is No “One Right Way” To Do It
There are countless schools and techniques for meditation. According to an ancient Hindu text, the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, there are 112 ways to meditate!  You can experiment with different meditation techniques or even create your own.

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