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10 Sure Signs Your Chakras are Out of Whack

“When the chakras are aligned the glass fills easily…”

Chakras, or the energy centers of our bodies, have been researched in yogic texts for 1000s of years.   All sorts of practices, including yoga, chi gong and reiki have been developed to clear and cleanse these centers so that vital life force energy runs smoothly through our bodies and minds.   In this article Ruth Lera gives some clear ways to know that your chakras might need some attention.

….We can feel like there’s nothing we can do to effect change in our lives.  Or we can become curious and start investigating what some healthy choices might be in the area of energetic and chakra hygiene.   Truly, the choice is up to each of us.

So, below I am offering 10 signs that can point to the fact that our energy fields and chakras could use some extra love and attention.

1. Feeling overwhelmed easily.

2. Having difficulty making small decisions.chakras

3. Having difficulty having enough money.

4. Having difficulty securing housing.

5. Feeling unsatisfied in relationships.

6. Exhaustion.

7. Finding it impossible to believe in anything.

8. Being uninterested in sex, having fun or creativity.

9. Feeling anxious, stressed or depressed.

10. Not knowing what to do in life.

Yes, these are all very common symptoms….

This isn’t a sign of failure. It’s just a sign that we’re human. And it just means normal human stuff is happening to us. But when we’re open to working with the energy field and chakras we have many tools at our disposal to move towards towards health, healing and opportunity.

And all it takes is intention.

The intention to care that our energy field and chakras are healthy and supporting us.

Because the external world is simply a reflection of our internal world. And the internal world gets knocked around daily by the circumstances that occur in the external world.

Life is a delicate dance of internal alignment and external circumstances.

And some of this dance is in our control and some of it isn’t.

But here is what I know. The dance goes much smoother if we can just choose to go right to the middle of the dance floor and boogie our hearts out.

And while were in the middle of the dance floor of our life we can send some love and healing to our energy field and chakras.

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